BOTOX Cosmetic

Smooth skin is often a hallmark of youthfulness and vitality. As we age, our skin begins to lose the natural building blocks that produce new skin cells and keep the existing ones supple.

BOTOX Cosmetic has been the leader in helping millions of people turn back the clock and beat back signs of aging. It uses a naturally derived neurotoxin to effectively stop the muscles that cause wrinkles, smoothing existing creases and helping to prevent them from occurring in the future. Backed by 15 years of research, FDA approval, and time-proven results, BOTOX Cosmetic can dramatically rejuvenate the appearance to help people look and feel their best.


Dysport®, also referred to as Botulinum Toxin, which is a botulinum neurotoxin (abobotulinumtoxinA), an acetylcholine release inhibitor and a neuromuscular blocking agent. It temporarily prevents specific muscle movements that cause frown lines.

Dysport® are to be given at least 90 days apart. Injections can, however, be given in more than one location at a time.

An alternative to BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport® is injected directly into muscles to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport® treatments must be administered by a medical provider. Imperative to space treatments out by at least 90 days and only be treated by one medical professional.