This is a widely requested service but there are some technical tips and tricks that will make it a success for you and your clients too. Also, we will show you the best professional hair removal products for facial waxing. Let’s dive in!

Why Recommend Facial Waxing?

There are other hair removal options out there for facial hair, but none of them seems to win against waxing, which has clear advantages:

  • It lasts from four to up to eight weeks, which is great to save time and effort in grooming. Besides, it won’t be necessary to expose your skin to damage from the razor. Regular clients also report less or sparser regrowth as they wax more.
  • It guarantees effective hair removal in places like the cheeks and forehead, where the razor would do a shabby job.
    The whole face can be evenly smoothed out, which will leave the skin looking brighter and younger.
  • It removes hair completely, not like hair bleaching, which only makes it lighter but leaves it all over, looking like a golden fuzz that does not compliment the face, especially when the hair is dark.
  • It is the most convenient option for women with a lot of facial hair. Some hormonal conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) can cause hirsutism (excessive and unwanted hair growth in women), which can be hard to keep up with – some women with this condition even find they have to shave every day but waxing makes hair removal more effective.
  • It is an economical option when compared with laser or electrolysis, and with a little practice and the right products, it can be done at home.

Brow Wax | Brow Waxing Services

When you have already defined the perfect shape for your brow and want to keep them looking good, you should schedule a brow maintenance. This should be done an average of 2-3 weeks. All technicians are certified and trained.

Brow Sculpt | Brow Sculpting Services

If you have never had your brows sculpted, or looking for a new shape, BBR’s Lashes can make them look perfect again. Each person has a unique shape for their brows — sometimes thick, sometimes thin, and sometimes in between. If you need help finding the perfect look, schedule a brow sculpt at BBR with one of our certified technicians. Brow powder included.

Lip Wax | Lip Waxing Services

It is not uncommon for women to develop a darker shade or coarse hairs around the mouth. This hair growth is due to certain hormonal changes. Waxing the area around the lip is a simple process, that may leave skin red after this area is treated, hence do not schedule your lip wax prior to any event. To aid in the recovery and soothing of the area around the lip, BBR applies a soothing agent/cream, after all, lip waxes.

Facial Waxing Services | Full Facial waxing

Your face wax includes a lip wax, a chin wax, an along the sides of the jawline, and depending on the individual, sometimes a quick brow clean up. By combining several different waxing areas, you save money over the à la carte prices.

Underarm waxing

Some people are nervous about getting this area waxed, but let us assure you that once you try it you will be hooked. It is not particularly painful and gives a completely smooth underarm for weeks, which also reduces underarm odor. For people with dark hair and light skin, it is the only way to get a truly smooth underarm. This is one of BBR’s area of specialty

Brazilian Waxing Services

Unlike the bikini wax, where hair is removed only from the top and sides of the bikini line, the full Brazilian wax removes hair from EVERYWHERE. That’s the front, back, sides, and everything in between. Yep, that includes the hair between the buttocks too!